Some of the same foods that can help you lower your cholesterol levels may also help you keep your blood sugar under control. In general, you'll want to limit the amount of refined, processed foods you consume and eat more whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Fill Up on Fiber

Study participants who followed a diet with about 30 grams per day of fiber, including 4 grams of soluble fiber, for three months experienced decreases of about 12 percent in both their cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Increase your soluble fiber intake by eating foods such as oatmeal, flaxseed, beans, Brussels sprouts, oranges, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, apricots, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli and asparagus.

Spice It Up

Adding spices to your foods may help you lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.Research found that raw garlic may help lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels, although boiled garlic didn't have the same beneficial effect. Another research, found that cinnamon may also cause decreases in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.People who took supplements containing 1 to 3 grams of bay leaves per day for 30 days improved their cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

The Chromium Connection

A mineral called chromium may be beneficial for decreasing your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, notes MedlinePlus. Adult men need about 35 micrograms per day, and women need about 25 micrograms per day for good health. It would be hard to get this much chromium from food alone because most foods only provide small amounts of this trace mineral. Broccoli, turkey, beef, whole-wheat bread, red wine, orange or grape juice, potatoes, garlic, basil, green beans, apples and bananas all provide some chromium.

Switch Your Sugars

Eating sugary foods can increase your blood sugar levels. The type of sugar you consume, however, can affect how much your blood sugar levels increase. A study found that honey increased blood sugar levels less than table sugar and that consuming honey may also help improve your cholesterol levels.

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